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December 13, 2018

JOGG -Get a grip!

Here is a page dedicated to my favourite past time at the moment-GOLF! Yes, I am hooked and bringing in lots of people with me both my sister & Sandy have expressed an interst in taking up golf.

I was introduced to golf by Lloyd James who I met through work. Lloyd is a golfer with a handicap of 0+ according to the Port Royal Handicap Board in otherwords he is a pro. He initially took Nathan & me under his wing to show us the basics of the golf swing etc. For a month or so he gave us golf instruction at Port Royal.

In January he encouraged me to have proper lessons with a golf pro so he passed me over to the capable hands of our cousin Rawn Rabain. Rawn is Alora's son.(Alora is the daughter of Leonard Simons). Rawn like his father is a golf pro and he gives lessons at Port Royal.

Rawn is an excellent teacher, he has infinite patience and he can inspire you to play well even though you don't think you are. I still meet up with Lloyd, I spent yesterday afternoon with him at Port Royal on the driving range. I figure if you play with the best, you can only get better yourself!

My first game of golf was played at the Southampton Princess course last Saturday and I had a great time! I went with Nathan(my son) and Jason Wade (Blanche Wade's grandson). It was fun. I ended up in a bunker twice and lost my ball once. At the first tee Jason suggested I use my #5 iron instead of my driver as the course is so short, he had never seen me try to hit my driver. After my first swing with my driver he turned to me and said "it's ok for you to use your driver here, I don't think you'll hit the ball too far!"
I ended the round scoring 54 on a Par 27 course- not bad for a first attempt!

If anyone is interested in having a fun game with me contact me at Hope to hear from you all soon.


Simons Family 1st Annual Golf Tournament

The following people have expressed an interest in playing in a fun golf tournament in July:

Planning Team Members:
Rawn, Katyna, Taiwo, Carmen, Sandy, Roderick, Naomi,?Mylan jnr,Cathy

Carlos, Rochelle, Justin
Mylan jnr,Darnelle,Courtney,Mylan Sen.
Rawn,Rawn Jnr
Mackie, Sharon

The tournament will be at the Fairmont Southampton Princess on July 14th 2.00pm followed by an award ceremony and barbecue supper at The Putter's Green,Port Royal Golf Course Restaurant & Bar. All are family members are invited golfers/non golfers. A registration form for the Golfers will be circulated shortly with a reservation order form for the non golfers who just want to attend the barbecue.

Results of the 1st JHS Classic Golf Tournament
Saturday 14 July 2001- Fairmont Southampton Princess Golf course

1st Place Score 52/2Mylan Simons Sen
Mylan Simons Jnr
Laurie Simons
Darlene Simons

2nd Place Score 53/1Frankie Rabain
Katyna Rabain
Alora Rabain
Hunter Pitcher

3rd Place Score 55/1>par
Rawn Rabain
Rawn Rabain JNR
Taiwo George
Nathan George

Closest to the Pin
Carlos Lee
Georgette Prime

Simons Family Strongest Lnk Winner
Robert Minors
Mackie Simons

Childrens draw
RJ Rabain
Nathan George

There were 38 golfers in total and 70 family members attended the BBQ and award ceremony. A day in the life of a great family!!!

Anyone interested in organizing te JHS Classic 2002 please contact Rawn Rabain at Port Royal Gof Course.
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